22.02.1993 - 29.05.2007

(the story behind the name)



Karess at 6 weeks old
 Seal Tortie Point 13c6

Karess, was the only female born in the first (totally unplanned) litter to Gr Ch Klassyklogs Furst Edition (Woody) and Ch Panjandrum Klassy Koral in 1993.

Koral and Woody, principally Woody, managed to open the sliding doors of the conservatory, and with no help and advice from anyone, between them produced 5 of the most beautiful kittens ever bred at Klassyklogs. 4 Red Point males and 1 Seal Tortie Point female - Koral was only not quite 11 months old when they were born - naughty Woody!!




Premier Klassyklogs Red Duke became the first Red Point to gain a Premier title.  Grand Premier Klassyklogs Red Admiral lived with Stephen and Jill Bunce, and was not shown until he was nearly 3 years old: 'Nelson'  proved to be a bit of a character at the shows, thriving on the attention, he and his half brother Klaus were regularly beating each other in their open classes.  Red Admiral sadly died in 2002.

Klassyklogs Red Knight lived in Haddenham with Linda Paulden, 'Merlin' died in 2005.

Klassyklogs Red Baron, went to live in Richmond with Klassyklogs Blue Queen, sadly he was stolen from his garden in October 1995, his owners have never quite got over the loss, not knowing where he is. The only one in this litter who was not show potential, but had the most stunning eye colour, and certainly when he left us, was the biggest kitten of the 5.

Karess of course stayed with us, and her title speaks for itself - she adores being shown, loves being groomed and made a fuss of - on the other hand Barrie has spoilt her so much that she was not the worlds most attentive mother - certainly the first couple of weeks, when they are rather boring and wet, need cleaning etc! so guess who has to see to that? Of course, when eyes open and they began to play, well that was another matter.... Her first litter of 5 kittens in 1994 produced Champion Klassyklogs May Qween a beautiful blue cream: May became a Champion at the National Cat Show in December 1996, winning best of breed - she has only been shown 4 times. The entire litter of five kittens were in fact raised by my reliable blue point queen at that time Tokimoon Klassy Kimono, Kim had 5 babies of her own, they were 10 days old.  Karess refused to nurse her newborns and they were very weak, I decided in the middle of the night to switch litters...Kim's kittens were noisy and strong, they demanded attention so Karess 'sort of' mothered them, Kim had given them a good start.  

I gently gave Kimono the 5 little wet babies, she sniffed them, looked at me as if to say 'leave them with me'  I checked in a few times hardly daring to look, by 8am the next morning I couldn't believe the improvement all had gained weight, were dry and clean and with full tummies - all were under 3 ozs at birth, I may have saved one or two, but not the whole litter.  We always used to say Kim's milk was magic double cream!  Kimono was not a show cat, but the finest queen and companion you could ever wish for.  I named the kittens, Ace Ofhearts, Diamond King,  May Qween, Knave Ofthenight, and Royal Flush


In 1996 Karess produced 3 kittens to our red point stud Rueben, a seal Tortie point female, a blue point and a red point male, the first red point male ever to be sired by Rueben.  Spring 1998 Karess finally gave birth to a long awaited red point female, needless to say her grandmother Koral looked after her!  We called her Krystalflame, she as her name suggests, will carry the red flame for Karess, who was hastily retired from our breeding programme as she never really enjoyed motherhood!...

Karess her life as a show neuter see show scene.