Klassyklogs is situated in the Chiltern countryside of Buckinghamshire.  We have quite a large garden, on a very steep chalky site. When we moved here 20 years ago, there were no retaining walls or steps, when it rained the banks were slowly being washed away.

The first thing we did was build a wide set of steps, merely to enable us to get things up the garden! You have probably guessed by now, Barrie and Jane are serious gardeners!   Slowly retaining walls and patios have been built, and the garden at the rear is layered and much more interesting.   The bank surrounding the patio is solid chalk - but enables us to grow many beautiful alpines, including those which demand good drainage.  Then there are the lilacs....who thrive on the chalk...


We have another larger rockery on the east side of the house, this time the slope is not quite so steep, Barrie is not allowed to touch this - there are lots of unusual little gems tucked away. Lots of plants carry memories for us, many are the older type alpines given to Jane by her father, who first introduced her to fuchsias which are her passion, and she grows lots of varieties, from tiny species ones, to the larger double varieties. Many are hardy and in the early autumn the garden is full of colour from their beautiful trumpet shape flowers.  We do open the garden - sometimes - but usually only to collector groups, if you would like to visit at a certain time of year, do give us a ring and ask!  Click on the buttons to view some of my collection.

Barrie (when not taking photographs) adores trees, heathers and Galanthus (snowdrops) and he has been largely responsible for the reasonable collection we now have. There are yellow versions as well as the traditional green ones in all sorts of shapes and sizes. He has been known to travel many miles just to obtain one rare bulb, he is constantly  adding to this collection, and has quite a 'thing' about all spring bulbs. Again chalk and the excellent drainage created by the slopes, allow these type of plants to thrive.  There are many different types, the centre spotting varying enormously, as well as outer petals and leaf shape, click on the buttons below for a few examples of our collection.  


Please contact Barrie directly for an availability list, should you wish to purchase some of these rare beauties, we often have spares available for serious gardeners, all are hardy and with careful planting, your collection will increase year after year. Email Barrie