1993 - 2008

Rueben came to live at Klassyklogs in June 1995, when he was 2 years old. He had lived on a farm, so was not used to many people, and although fit and strong, was nervous and took a long time to get used to us.  These days however, he is much more relaxed and loves the attention when people come and visit him.

Why did Rueben come to stay? Why did we not keep a Red Point stud of our own breeding?
The answer of course is his pedigree.  Rueben is from a totally different red line than the one most frequently used in England.  His Great Great Grandmother was a red/black Persian self (breed no 11) out crossed to a seal point male, the programme was initially started by a Mrs M. Barford of the Shoonahs prefix.

He has sired strong healthy kittens, with tremendous coats and loving temperaments.
The outcross has proved to be useful in broadening the red gene pool, although he was at strictly limited stud, and then only to serious red series breeders. Summer 2000 Rueben was neutered and we hope one day soon he will take his place in the sun along with our other retired Birmans, he already enjoys the garden and the company of the other cats. 

Rueben has produced some lovely red and cream kittens for us:
Premier Klassyklogs Kasparov, Champion Klassyklogs Kougar, Premier Klassyklogs RosesareRed, Premier Klassyklogs Kupid, Premier Klassyklogs Valentina, the beautiful daughter of Karess - UK Grand Champion & Grand Premier Klassyklogs Krystalflame and our first cream point female Grand Champion Klassyklogs Kandlelite- not to mention some very lovely Tortie point females for fellow breeders who have 'tapped' into the line.  The first ever red point female he sired was for my friend Anne Madden, Panjandrum Carmen.
Our red point stud Ch Klassyklogs Kabernet is Rueben's great grandson.


Like most red point Birmans - completely unable to fully open their eyes in bright daylight!
Notice his front legs point colouring shows no ghost tabby barring, something I have always felt breeders should strive to achieve in these colours.  No tabby barring around his eyes or mask. It may of course help if the tabby gene is not re-introduced into your red lines.  All my red/cream point breeding has only been to solid point Birmans.  Check out his chin!

Rueben is 10 years old in this picture. 

Thank you Rueben for your valuable contribution to the red series Birmans.  Rueben has also been instrumental in something quite different for Klassyklogs, but then that's another story!






If you were wondering how my ex studs are getting on these days....lunch in the Conservatory!  Woody is 14 years old and Rueben 12 when this picture was taken.


2009 Both these lovely boys have now left us, but they are never forgotten