Klassyklogs Show Progress

The Supreme is the biggest cat show held in the UK and only open to cats who have already won either titles or certificates or wins as a kitten (within a qualifying period) - the equivalent if you like to Crufts. An honour to show there, and an even bigger honour to win.

At the Supreme Show 25th November 2000 Klaus won his first UK Grand Premier Certificate, Jane watched him judged and thought he sparkled that day, he even managed to keep his eyes open!   Karess was awarded her 4th UK Grand Certificate, (her second as a neuter) also by Carol Pike a respected Birman breeder judge in the UK.    David Redtfeldt awarded Klassified his final Grand Certificate, David is also a well known breeder judge,  and again an honour to receive a certificate from him. 

Klassyklogs have been very successful at the shows, and we are proud to have won the Birman Cat Club's Top Prefix Award for  six years.  We have several times won the Top Any Other Colour Prefix Award, and Woody has won The Best Stud Trophy twice (this reflects his progenies success at the shows).

Klassyklogs also won the trophy for stud siring most open classes at the Birman Cat Club's millennium show and the winning prefix award.   Grand Champion Klassyklogs Komanche Brave won his final Grand Certificate at this show from one of the first Birman breeders in the UK, judge Miss Betty Brown.   The two brothers, both seal points, Premier Klassyklogs Mohican Sunset and Grand Champion Klassyklogs Komanche Brave are owned by Jo Elstone.

Karess was the Birman Cat Club and Northern Birman Cat Clubs overall top exhibit for the year 1999/2000 congratulations to her. She has won numerous Grand Premier Certificates, along with a very precious UK Grand Premier Certificate awarded by Teresa Cole at the 1999 Supreme Show. Grand Premier Klassyklogs Klaus won Top Male Neuter. Our  Cream Point Male Grand Champion Klassyklogs Klassified is top Cream Point 'Kirk' has an unusual pedigree, his red gene is from a very different line and he carries the chocolate gene, massive and laid back like his father.  Grand Champion Klassyklogs Kandlelite went best Semi Long Hair Exhibit at the National Cat Show at Olympia in December 1999 - she was just 10 months old - and a first for the Red Series Birmans. Kandlelite's brother Kupid became a Premier in three consecutive shows, congratulations to him and to his devoted owners Paul and Sue Rogoll who love him so very much.

2001 blessed us with some beautiful kittens, and some wonderful owners to match!   A litter of four stunning kittens from Klassyklogs Kameo, sired by Grand Champion Sucette Charlemagne have all been shown and all won first with best of breed: Krugerand, Kobolt, Kullinan and Koronet. Precious indeed,  By January 2003, all four litter mates had won their titles.   June 2001 Champion Klassyklogs Kalendula with a little help from Woody, had some special kittens - Grand Premier Klassyklogs Kolumbine, Champion Klassyklogs Kamellia and Klassyklogs Krysanthemum (floral theme this time)  all three girls are tortie points.   Their mother is now a Champion and Grand Premier.

In July 2002, Champion Rofford Klog Dance and Klassyklogs Iofthe Tigers produced a litter of 4 terrific kittens, a seal point female Champion Klassyklogs Kalemyokoko,owned by Vivienne Lee, Champion Klassyklogs Kingkhyyam a blue point owned by Shirley Talboys, Klassyklogs Kingof Gunners and Champion Klassyklogs Kurtaincall, both seal tabby points.

September 2003 brought some terrific news - Klassyklogs Moonglow became a Grand Premier at 10 1/2 years of age.   At the North West Cat Club Show, the judge Mr Charlie Keenan.

Klassyklogs Knaveothe Nite became a Grand Premier at the Belfast Show in December 2003, along with Klassyklogs Kobolt at the National CC Show, both blue points - what a month!.   Karess ended 2003 after making several trips to Southern Ireland with another title to her name this time, International Grand Premier.

2004 Hailed the arrival of a long awaited red point male for us, sired by Klassified, dam Krystalflame.  In fact there were two very handsome males in the litter.   One went to live with Paul and Sue Rogoll Premier Klassyklogs Krimson King, the other stayed with us and became Champion Klassyklogs Kabernet our red stud for a while.   

October 2005 saw the first Imperial win for a 'klog kat' - that wonderful ambassador for the red series UK Gr Pr Klassyklogs Klaus.  November 2005 at the Supreme show Koronet won her second UK Grand certificate and now has the title UK Grand Champion Klassyklogs Koronet, Koronet has now been retired from breeding, so perhaps when she is ready, will decide she would like a go in the neuter classes!

Quite a few more Imperial certificates have been won over the first year June 2005 - June 2006.  Our first Imperial title winner is our young seal tortie point Imperial Grand Champion Klassyklogs Korallina, she is the first female Birman to win an Imperial title.  Korallina gained her fifth and final Imperial win at the Bedford show in April 2006.

August 2006 sees the first Klog to live in Ireland become a Champion - Klassyklogs Keltic Kiss, a beautiful blue point female, who lives with Trudy Walsh in Dublin.  Her dam Ch Rofford Klog Dance (now retired) and her sire Gr Ch Klassyklogs Kullinan.  During 2006 a cream point female gained her title Champion Klassyklogs Kandikans she is owned by Sue Baldock

January 2007 Notts & Derby and our first show of the year, Karess finally wins her Imperial Grand Premier  title and her daughter Krystalflame is made up to Grand Premier.  The weather was very rough - gale force winds and torrential rain that morning, and we considered not going!  April 2007 and Korallina gives us a beautiful seal tortie point female, sired by UK & IGr Ch Admonlo Sebastian, her name is Ch Klassyklogs Krystallite.

2008 and Korallina produces some more beautiful kittens, she was mated to UK & IGR Shwechinthe Shewnat a lovely big chocolate point male I have admired for some time.  Klassyklogs Klarett a red point male went to live with Keith and Julie Welch and quickly made Premier.  Klassyklogs Katriona a seal point beauty who took the plane to Scotland to live with Steven Leppard and his Partner George Lamond.  Iona too quickly became a Champion, and I believe on the same say as her brother but at a completely different show!  Korallina who is the granddaughter of Karess, became a UK Imperial Grand champion at the Supreme Show in November 2008.

2009 Klarett and Katriona continue their successful show careers, and Kabernet is neutered, shown and becomes a Champion & Premier.  January 2010 Viv Lee's beautiful seal point female wins her fifth Imperial Certificate attaining the mighty title UK & Imperial Gr Ch Klassyklogs Kalemykoko.

We would like to thank everyone who owns or has shown a Klassyklogs Kat, enabling us to win these most coveted of honours,   our best wishes and good luck to you all.

Jane and Barrie Tackley (updated January 2010)