Woody as his name suggests, was our first stud cat. Woody IS Klassyklogs - our "MAIN MAN"

Although we have been owned for over 25 years by this beautiful breed, it was not until 1991 that we succumbed to keeping our very own stud cat! Gr Ch Adhuilo Pageant Parade gave birth to 5 seal point kittens HE was 5ozs when he was born, and has been enormous ever since! To know Woody is to love him: famous for his wonderful temperament, fabulous blue eyes, and huge boning, weighing in at around 16lbs.

Woody’s pedigree reflects the old traditional Birman pedigrees, which at Klassyklogs we regard to be just as important as the new colour more out crossed ones, one must always be conscious not to loose ‘type’ - so easy if you move too quickly through your breeding programmes. Breeders like to ‘come back’ to a stud like Woody, to retain their type and boning. He is the sire of many titled cats.

June 2003 and at the age of 12 I decided to retire Woody and had him neutered.  It takes months for ex studs to adjust, and great patience is needed, I am fairly confident mind, Woody has always popped in to say hello when in the garden.   He still maintains his impressive weight and looks, watch this space for updates on his progress!   On the right  is a picture of the last litter of 5 seal points Woody sired for Klassyklogs, born on 30th March 2003, the dam is UK Gr Champion & Premier Klassyklogs Koronet

I write this in January 2007 Woody is now almost 16 years old and indeed lives the luxury life of an indoor cat!
All the other cats love him (especially the Turks) Kelly even allowed Woody to be with her whilst she gave birth to her 5 kittens last July.  Woody soon got fed up with that though - all that squeaking and hastily left the nest....  It is great to have him indoors with us, even Rueben occasionally comes in and they both get on quite well.  Favourite spots are sleeping on the boiler, and sitting watching television with me.  Here is a picture I took of him on his 15th birthday.

Woody left us for Rainbow Bridge on 26.11.2007, life at Klassyklogs will never be quite the same.